Insulated containers for asphalt type HMB and HMB-2K

Themobehälter HBM

The asphalt thermo container HMB respectively HMB - 2K with two chambers is a removable attachment for several carrier vehicles. Asphalt material in variuos mixtures will be transported from the mixing plant to the construction site. There at the reconstruction area the asphalt material dosed can be discharged by the conveyor screw.

Our all over insulated asphalt thermo containers we produce in series:

Model HMB - one chamber version equipped with one conveyor screw.

Model HMB 2 K - two chamber version with container partition 1/3 - 2/3 and equipped with two conveyor screws. The working area of this model could be extended by an additional external conveyor screw.

The containers are available in sizes from 1,4 up to 14,5 tons net capacity.

For detail information, please, see our technical data sheet.

1-chamber system 2-chamber system Details

Technical details:

  • All around insulated double-walled container, made from 3mm steel
  • Insulation 40 mm, including cover
  • Electronically controlled propane gas heating system with temperature display and electronic flame control
  • Conveyor screw made of hard manganese steel
  • Combined mechanical / hydraulical 1-gear or 2-gear movement
  • Certified anti slip mat stripes on the contact surfaces
  • Lashing points in form of tie down loops outside the frame for cargo securing
  • Spraying device for separating or cleaning agent
  • Colour orange/black (RAL 2011/9005), or on customers request included

Additional equipment - option:

  • Working platform with foldable ladder
  • 4-piece cover with hydraulically operated opening device
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Lashing chain strands with inspection plate and certificate
  • Bonding emulsion sprayer with manual or hydraulic pump, hose roller and reservoir
  • Parking systems, hight adjustable, mechanical or hydraulic version
  • External conveyor screw to enlarge working area
  • Kit to convert one-chamber-HMB into winter gritter
  • External drive station with Diesel or benzine motor
  • External gas burner
  • Forced locking of conveyor screw in case of opened cover
  • Yellow beacon light
  • Further additional equipment and special wishes on demand.