Snowploughs type LPM and UMS/L

Schneepflug, Schneepflüge

The snow plough UMS/L is a one side clearing plough. Because of its special construction this snow plough guarantees best snow clearing and gets over hurdles optimally. The available variants of equipment make sure that this snow plough is usable for every kind of snow and road conditions. The swiveling unit makes possible to turn the snow plough from right hand to left hand side snow clearing. In this positions the plough stands at approx. 32° on the slant to driving direction. Because of this slanted position an optimal snow flow is reached. The additional equipment - hightening of the outer shares - makes possible higher snow embankments at the side. By means of hydraulic swiveling unit the snow plough could be brought into straight ahead snow clearing position ( for example to clean parking spaces - bulldoze snow clearing).

The support frame of the snow plough is made from welded hollow steel profiles. Every share of the plough is fastened to the support frame with four flexible elastic connection parts. These parts are made from special elastomers. The movable swivel pillar is connected to the support frame by a tenon and four screws. The wings are attached to the swivel pillar two-axial and to the equipment plate one-axial movable. By means of equipment plate (size 3 or 5) the snow plough will be fastened to the mounting plate of the carrier vehicle. On customers request the equipment plates are fitted with two swivel or bund screws to fasten it to the mounting plate. To lift up or sink down the snow plough between equipment plate and lower wing there is mounted a hydraulic cylinder with integrated saftey valve as well as a sink safety valve.

Swiveling the snow plough is done by two hydraulic telescope cylinders. These are mounted between equipment plate and support frame. Pressure supply is done by means of the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle. All hydraulic lines are fitted with quick connectors (on request: plug or screw coupling) to connect the snow plough to the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle. The carrier vehicle should have two separate control circuits at least and one tank connection (return line). The required oil flow of min. 10l/min at a pressure of 160 - 200 bar must be given by the carrier vehicle.

All carrier vehicles ( tractors, tools carriers, trucks) must have an operation unit for snow ploughs of any kind. If there is no such equipment available you may operate the snow plough by means of an electro-hydraulic unit including snow plough operation.

The UMS snow plough is well-suited for hydraulic snow plough release. Precondition is a snow plough release control unit as part of communal hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle. Wear and tear in particular of the scraper bars reduces vastly, fuel consumption and noise level low down and road surface is protected.

Technical Details

Light Multipart-snowplough Type LPM

  LPM 2.2/3 LPM 2.4/3 LPM 2.6/3 LPM 2.8/3
Snow clearing path 2,20m 2,40m 2,60m 2,80m
Snow plough length 2,40m 2,70m 3,00m 3,20m
Share quantity / hight 3 / 0,75m 3 / 0,75m 3 / 0,75m 3 / 0,75m
Net weight
without scraper bar
410 420 450 480

Universal Multipart-snowplough Typ UMS/L

  UMS 2.4/3L UMS 2.6/3L UMS 2.8/3L UMS 3.0/3L
Snow clearing path 2,40m 2,60m 2,80m 3,00m
Snow plough length 2,70m 3,00m 3,30m 3,60m
Share quantity / hight 3 / 1,00m 3 / 1,00m 3 / 1,00m 3 / 1,00m
Net weight
without scraper bar
ca. kg
645 695 750 900


Skizze von einem Schneepfluge der STRAKO Erzeugnisse Greiz - BlechTech GmbH Greiz

  • 1 Plough lights (left and right)
  • 2 Support frame
  • 3 Swiveling pillar
  • 4 Swing (here the upper one)
  • 5 Lift and lowering cylinder
  • 6 Safety rope
  • 7 Swivel cylinder (2)
  • 8 Equipment plate
  • 9 Steel springs (2) (road level compensation)
  • 10 Flexible elastic parts (12)
  • 11 Shares (3)
  • 12 Reflector (2)
  • 13 Warning mark (2)
  • 14 Scraper bar (3) (on customers request)
  • 15 Wheelset (2) (on customers request)
  • 16 Warning flags (2)